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ZoftOS is a very new operating system designed to demonstrate the possibilities of developing an operating systems DIY and be able to make a better case study on the infrastructure of the person computer.  To one point, this system is very young and still needs a lot of input, please do not hesitate to send in feedbacks or leave messages on the forum so that it can become something of significance to this project.


ZoftOS is a system designed to relate different systems in theory and hypothesizes of better algorithms and data abstractions, which will in term reduce the time and space used by the OS.  It is published under the GNU GPL to ensure its availability and non-commercial driven purpose.


As of now, the booting process is done and some basic I/O are being defined within the simple testable areas.  Many tasks like A20, and Pmode still needs to be implemented in order for a better-defined kernel to work.  So far, the kernel setup program  is written in C with DJGPP gcc and only a batch file is available for MS users.  The operating system though can be run using Bochs, and in the v.0.0.1 release it includes a copy of Bochs for MS-Windows 2000.


Copyright (c) 2001 Ben Sung Hsu